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Application for denard

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Application for denard

Post  denard on Wed Dec 28, 2011 8:05 am

• Do you confirm that you meet the minimum requirements to apply for H8D? yes

• Do you confirm that you have read all of our policies? yes

• Do you understand that the server is 100% funded by players like you? yes and I am willing donate

General Information

• What is your name? Denard Owens

• What is your age? 13

• What is your timezone? GMT

• What is your exact gamer name?(UNDERSTAND THIS AFTER U APPLY U CAN NOT CHANGE UR NAME!!!!!!!)

• How often are you willing to play? 3-5 hours a day

• Will you respect all members as they will do the same for you? yes

• Have you got anything extra to say? Hope to see UnderUrBed in the game and many more people.


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